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Dear Chris,

Getting your Sunroom Enclosure was the best thing I did for my restaurant. Now evening dinning on cool nights can be enjoyed and still feel like your outdoors.

Best Regards,


We are a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of America  NSPI / APSP  Membership number 210670

Expand your seating capacity with our
Retractable Restaurant Enclosures.
Turn unused space into additional business.

Aqua Shield™ Inc. is a manufacturer of Telescopic Restaurant Enclosures our unique patented design allows the enclosure to slide open or closed for indoor or outdoor dining.

Restaurant Enclosure from RestaurantEnclosure.com

Aqua Shield™ Telescopic restaurant enclosures are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials produced by General Electric and Alcoa Aluminum. Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Restaurant Enclosures arrives fully assembled and installs in a few hours.

Cost effective solution that turns unused space into a Warm Comfortable Environment for your patrons.



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As seen on TV

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